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Western Australia Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021

On 1 July 2023, WA Parliament enacted additional legislation for the protection of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage through the introduction of a new Act (2021) which has replaced the Marandoo Act 1992 and some remaining functions of the Heritage Act 1972.

We’ve compiled an information sheet here for those working in the drilling industry. 

Additional resources:

  1.  ACHIS Quick Reference Guide
  2.  ACH 2023 Management Code
  3.  ACHA Activity Tiers
  4.  ACHMP Plan

QEC Exploration Scorecard

ADIA recently contributed to the Queensland Exploration Council’s (QEC) Exploration Scorecard, by promoting the survey and encouraging members to get involved.

Every year QEC completes this scorecard to help increase investment in the state by rating how things affecting exploration sentiment are trending. They survey a number of mining and exploration companies in the mineral, coal and oil and gas sector for their opinions on things ranging from the level of government red tape, environmental issues, availability of equipment, tenement processing etc. The replies form a ratings approach which allows trends to be observed over multiple years. 

You can view the 2022 Scorecard here.


Other campaigns

  • Active membership on the National Uniform Drillers Licensing Committee (NUDLC). This long-term project is being undertaken to simplify the waterwell drillers licensing system between the different Australian states and territories. The next goal in the process is having the interested parties sign off on the memorandum of understanding.
  • ADIA is a member of the WA Ministerial Advisory Panel on safety legislation reform for the resources sector
  • Representation to the WA government on various elements of the WA Water Act
  • Strong relationships with Australia-wide industry bodies who share our goals


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