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ADIA is for members, by members. Our Board of Directors is made up of experienced and knowledgeable members of the drilling industry who have a passion to see the industry thrive.

Our members want to advance the professionalism of the drilling industry by maintaining operating standards at high levels.

These standards can include safety; environmental impact; training qualifications and competencies; engineering standards for equipment design and maintenance; and work site compliance.

Members of ADIA either own businesses, are employed in, or are connected to the Australian drilling industry. Most members are from the mineral exploration, onshore coal and energy, waterwell, geotechnical, environmental, and civil infrastructure sectors.

Our role at ADIA is to support the growth and professionalism of the industry by providing our members with the resources they need.

We encourage regular feedback from our members on all services we provide as we believe the only way forward is as a united front.

Members enjoying a lunch together
Members at our 2018 Christmas dinner

Who are our members?

The largest sector of our membership consists of drilling contractor businesses. These range from owner operators with one or two drill rigs, to large businesses catering for numerous drilling techniques with 50 drill rigs or more. 

In some instances, these are long-standing family owned businesses in their second, third or even fourth generation. 

Suppliers and service companies are the other major sector of ADIA’s membership base. These are the businesses that provide equipment and services drilling contractors need. The range of equipment and services is extensive, sometimes highly technical – vital for covering all the different types of drilling methods.

We also have a smaller group of consultants, engineers, mining companies and other individuals who provide professional services to the drilling industry as a whole. 

Some of our members are even based overseas! Often they are individuals or businesses that began operating in Australia before branching out internationally.

If you’re looking for a driller, supplier or consultant, head to our search directory.

ADIA also has life members. These members are recognised for their distinction or have contributed outstanding services to the drilling industry during their careers. There are currently 11 life members.

Our life members are:

  • Bob Adams
  • James Colby
  • Stan Gricks
  • Geraldine Langtry
  • John McAvan
  • Mike McDermott
  • John McLean
  • Andrew Ogden
  • Alan Ryan
  • Graeme Wallis
  • Tony Walsh


All nominations for life membership have to be acknowledged and approved by the Board of Directors.


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