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Additional responses needed for the 2022 Salary Survey

Jun 28, 2022

Time is running out for drilling companies to get their responses in for the 2022 Salary Survey, which set to close at the end of this month.

We still need more responses to enable accurate results to be averaged out across the different drilling sectors.

This link will take you to the cover sheet for the survey which contains the link to the survey itself.

All the data captured in the survey is secure and not seen by anyone except for the company we have contracted to manage it.

All submissions will be tallied and averaged out into a low, medium and high salary band for each position such as offsider, driller 1,2,3 and supervisor, plus an overall average.

This will be the finished format that everyone will see and you will then be able to ascertain where the salaries you are paying your own staff fit in.

If you get stuck on any of the questions in the survey and feel that you can’t finish it, Wentworth Advantage can be contacted directly for assistance. Their details are in the cover sheet.

Thanks again to everyone who is supporting this valuable initiative, which we will look to continue on an ongoing annual basis.


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