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EOI now open for the Driller Offsider Job Ready program 

Apr 14, 2022

Looking for a drilling career

Expressions of interest for the WA Government’s new Driller Offsider Job Ready program are now open.

Created in partnership with the WA resource industry, the new program will provide participants with skills to work safely on site, apply first aid and CPR, work safely at heights, and operate and maintain a four-wheel drive vehicle.

The training is free for all jobseekers, young people, and concession-eligible students and low-fee for non-concession students.

Prior to commencing the training, participants will undertake a one-day induction delivered by industry to introduce them to a driller offsider role and working environment.

On completion of the course, students will be connected with opportunities to transition into employment, undertake a traineeship with a participating employer or further their training to gain a drilling operations qualification.

The Resources Industry Training Council (RITC) played a part in getting the initiative off the ground.

RITC Manager, Amanda Hamilton, said they are really pleased that it is now official, and the government is supporting it, promoting it, and will be screening candidates for it.

“This program will help address both current and future needs by equipping participants with the skills they need to be on site right now, and also providing pathways to training that can deliver further drilling qualifications down the track,” she said.

“The last piece of the puzzle is to finalise the one-day drilling induction to give candidates a level of drilling industry awareness.”

Australian Drilling Industry Association CEO, Peter Hall, said ADIA has, and will continue, to contribute to the initiative.

“We are really pleased to see that the Job Ready pilot for drillers offsiders is now a reality,” he said.

“ADIA has lent its support to this initiative from the outset, as there are direct benefits for our own industry, which is feeling immense pressure from the current skills shortage.

“ADIA would like to thank Amanda Hamilton and the team at the RITC for all the work that they have put into this initiative.

“Drilling companies in WA can elect to be part of the program, which could involve assisting with some of the hands-on training over a day or two to show learners some of the basic skills involved.

“Providing a quality learning environment will help encourage more young recruits to want a career in drilling.”

Our new ‘Introduction to the Drilling Industry’ video and web story board, now available to view on our website, will also compliment this initiative.


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