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We have a range of course presenters running our face-to-face and online courses. You can find a summary of each of our presenters experience below:

Thanks to our all course presenters for their willingness to share their knowledge with the next generation of the drilling industry!

Colin Barden

Colin has 50 years industry experience in waterwell, mineral exploration, geotechnical and environmental drilling. Colin worked in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, USA and Australia in many roles including Senior Demonstration and commissioning Driller, Area Manager, and Product and Technical Support Manager.

Colin has also contributed in the research and development of The Drilling Manual and other industry text books.

Colin (left) presenting at our Screens and Gravel Pack course

John Mcavan

John has over 35 years in the drilling industry in the waterwell and geotechnical sectors.

He has specialised in the design, supervision and construction of new water bores and the assessment, rehabilitation and repairs of old bores, including deep artesian bores.

John receiving an award for his voluntary contributions to the industry.

xy porter

Xy is a waterwell, oil and gas driller with experience on land and offshore. In recent years, as a mud technician, he has experience with mud systems on a wide variety of projects across the industry.

Xy receiving an award for his voluntary contributions to the industry.

Max King

Max has experience in the mineral exploration, mineral production, drill and blast, waterwell, oil and gas, trenchless technology (HDD), geotechnical and environmental drilling sectors.

Max has worked also with the ADIA as a technical editor for our exams and publications including The Drilling Manual.

simon Fitzgerald

Simon joined the drilling sector in New Zealand in 1985, moving to Australia two years later, and has been a part of the sector ever since. He has experience in civil construction, mineral exploration, waterfall, methane drainage, geothermal and oil & gas.

Simon has previously been the Director of the National Mining ITAB, a Director of ADIA and ADIA CEO for 9 years.


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