Safe and Productive Use of High Pressure Air

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Our Safe and Productive Use of High Pressure Air course features interactive, hands on training with both written and practical work, group discussions and more. We come to you on your company premises for ease, or we can arrange a convenient course location!

It is presented by an industry professional and run for two days. Our partnering company provides a product specialist to educate participants on the latest industry products.

This course can be adapted to provide high-level awareness for key members of your team, or run over two days in more detail for your supervisors, drillers and offsiders.

 our Safe and productive use of high pressure air course objectives are to:

  • Grasp the theory of high pressure air including important calculations and principles of compression.
  • Learn what types of compressors and boosters exist and their key components.
  • Explore the importance of proper compressor oil and servicing key components.

For further information, or to book a course for your company, email today.

Click here to download the course brochure.

Thank you to our course partner for their continued support:

Please note: though this course includes foundational knowledge for a number of units of competence from the Australian National Qualifications Framework, completion of this course does not equate to achieving these units.


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