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Update on ADIA Board of Directors Election 2022

Sep 15, 2022

The 2022 Board of Directors Election will open on Friday, 16 September at 9am.

There are eight (8) nominees this year for four (4) vacant positions.

ADIA is introducing electronic voting this year and is therefore using another company called Truevote who will conduct the ballot on our behalf.

Each company member or individual who is eligible to vote will be sent an email from Truevote before voting opens, which will contain a link to the electronic voting platform. This link can only be used once.

The voting platform will include the CV for each of the nominees and a check box next to each for you to place your preference.

This part will be no different to previous years and you will be asked to place a check in at least one (1) and up to four (4) of the boxes.

After you have submitted your vote, you will receive a confirmation on the ballot screen that your vote has been successful before you exit.

We do hope that by conducting an electronic ballot it will make it easier and less time consuming for everyone to place their vote. We have some excellent candidates for this year and who would be great contributors to our association.

Please show them your support and get in and place your vote.

Voting will close on Wednesday October 12, with results announced at the AGM on Thursday October 27.


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