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The role of the National Uniform Drillers Licensing Committee (NUDLC) is to assist in protecting groundwater resources from contamination, deterioration and uncontrolled flow associated with poorly constructed wells, protect the long term integrity of aquifers, provide standards for bore construction, and promote and regulate the competence of drillers.

NUDLC is a voluntary group, which has representation from state government departments, contractors and relevant industry bodies. Its representation includes regulators and practitioners, and is a combined and co-operative industry/government view.

    NUDLC provides information and technical advice on matters relevant to the management of, and access to, groundwater including:

    • Technical advice on the drilling of water bores and consistency in bore construction to assist with the protection of groundwater resources
    • Strengthening driller licensing to assist with the protection of groundwater resources
    • Provision of policy advice on existing and required areas of policy development with regard to groundwater management

    NUDLC meeting March 2020. Left to right: Peter Hall, Andy Tuffs, Stan Gricks, Bruce Keogh, John McAvan, Nathan Statton, Mark Ballard, Mick Hoban, Blake Topp

    Works of the NUDLC include:

    • The development and publication of national minimum bore construction specifications, most recently revised as Minimum Construction Requirements for Water Bores in Australia (Edition 4, 2020)
    • Input to policymakers within the areas of our expertise
    • Current work on development of National Driller Licensing System Agreement (MOU)
    • Contribution to the development of national trade qualifications and national units of competence, to make the interface between qualifications and licensing as simple as possible
    • Oversight of driller license examinations
    • Development and maintenance of courses to assist waterwell drillers (and others) to use good well construction (and decommissioning) techniques, including the Screens and Gravel Pack course, Cement Grouting Training course, and Muds Techniques and Tests course.


    Peter Hall
    CEO, Australian Drilling Industry Association
    283-287 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Brooklyn Park, SA 5032
    Phone: 0413 608 050


    Mick Hoban
    Hydrogeologist Water and Natural Resources, Dept of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
    L 10, 8 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne, Vic 3002
    Phone: 03 9637 9002


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