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Minimum construction requirements

The Minimum Construction Requirements for Water Bores in Australia (Edition 4) is produced by the National Uniform Drillers Licencing Committee (NUDLC).  It is the accepted authority in all states and territories for the minimum requirements on constructing, maintaining, rehabilitating and decommissioning water bores in Australia.

It is used extensively by regulators and the drilling industry and provides a consistent standard reference across Australia for the licensing of bores and drillers.

The requirements focus on protecting groundwater resources from contamination, deterioration and uncontrolled flow associated with poorly constructed bores and on the construction of bores to provide a clean water supply.



If you are an individual or company having a water bore drilled, it is compulsory to obtain a water bore permit, or bore construction license, in every state and territory of Australia. Contact your local groundwater authority for further information.

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If you’re thinking about get a water bore drilled, we recommend having a flick through this brochure:

Information from Queensland Department of Natural Resources

On 4 May 2017, we held a Sundowner in Toowoomba, Queensland. People there heard informative updates on groundwater from Jason Chavasse, of the Queensland Department of Natural Resources. The talk was clearly of benefit to all drilling contractors, so we decided to share his talk here. Simon also provided us with a checklist document: ‘Can I drill a bore – south west Queensland?’



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